Negotiating Committee

The Negotiating Committee is empowered to negotiate terms and conditions of employment, including salaries and benefits, as well as other provisions, within the context of a Collective Agreement.


Ian Sakinofsky


  • Immaculate Antony
  • Niushan Gao
  • Donna Koller
  • Jane Sprott

TFA Bylaw 12.6.A

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee counsels members regarding matters which may be taken up using the grievance procedure outlined in the Collective Agreement, and represents members at both informal meetings regarding the grievance, and in any formal process resulting therefrom.

Chair – Grievance Officer

  • Corinne Hart


  • Tisha Ornstein
  • Tammy Landau
  • Diane Pirner
  • Shai Yeshayahu

TFA Bylaw 12.6.B

Equity Issues Committee

The Equity Issues Committee endeavours to raise awareness of equity issues among members, and seeks to give input regarding university policies, procedures and use of personnel with respect to equity issues. Questions involving harassment, discrimination, employment equity and status of women will be addressed by this group.


  • Shiri Pasternak


  • Fahad Ahmad
  • Alireza Khatami
  • Rai Reece
  • Alison Skyrme

TFA Bylaw 12.6.D

Professional Affairs Committee

The Professional Affairs Committee takes a leadership role in promoting creative and collegial exchange amongst members and between members and other professionals; and supports the professional development of members through seminars.


  • Rachel Berman


  • Dawn Onishenko
  • Terri Peters
  • Petra Roberts

TFA Bylaw 12.6.C

Representatives’ Council

Members in each Department/School as well as librarians and counsellors are entitled to elect a Representative to serve as the liaison between the members they represent and the Executive. Meetings of the Representatives’ Council are chaired by the Vice-President Internal or his/her designate. The Reps’ Council provides a forum for open discussion and exchange of ideas on matters of mutual concern; provides advice and information to the Executive; plans and co-ordinates efforts to mobilize members in support of specific Association goals determined by the Council in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Chair – Ex-Officio

  • Vice-President Internal: Peter Danizger


Click here for the 2023-2024 Reps Council list

  • Accounting  (1)
  • Aerospace Engineering (1)
  • Architectural Science (2)
  • Chemical Engineering (1)
  • Chemistry & Biology (3)
  • Child & Youth Care (1)
  • Civil Engineering (1)
  • Computer Science (2)
  • Counselling (1)
  • Creative Industries (1)
  • Criminology (1)
  • Disability Studies (1)
  • Early Childhood Studies (1)
  • Economics (2)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (3)
  • English (2)
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy (1)
  • Fashion (1)
  • Finance (1)
  • Languages, Literature, and Culture (1)
  • Geography and Environmental Studies (2)
  • Global Management Studies (1)
  • Graphics Communications Management (1)
  • Health Services (1)
  • History (1)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (1)
  • Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour (1)
  • Image Arts (2)
  • Information Technology Management (2)
  • Interior Design (1)
  • Journalism (1)
  • Law (1)
  • Library (2)
  • Marketing (1)
  • Mathematics (2)
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (3)
  • Midwifery (1)
  • Nursing (3)
  • Nutrition (1)
  • Occupational & Public Health (1)
  • Philosophy (1)
  • Physics (1)
  • Politics & Public Administration (2)
  • Professional Communications (1)
  • Psychology (2)
  • Radio & Television Arts (2)
  • Real Estate (1)
  • Retail Management (1)
  • School of Performance (1)
  • Social Work (2)
  • Sociology (2)
  • Urban & Regional Planning (1)

TFA Bylaw 11.A.3

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee of the
Association is the Representatives’ Council.

It sits in that capacity as part of the regular meetings of the Council according to a schedule agreed upon by the Council in consultation with the Health and Safety Officer.

The Health and Safety Committee works closely with the Health and Safety Officer to establish priorities and plan initiatives regarding occupational health and safety.

Chair and Membership
Representative’s Council

TFA Bylaw 11.A.4

Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee is a sub-committee of the Representatives’ Council which identifies concerns and goals that may require the mobilisation of the TFA Executive, Representatives’ Council, or general membership. It works to develop an appropriate Association response for consideration by the Representatives’ Council and possible referral to the appropriate decision-making body of the Association; and assists in mobilising the Association membership in support of goals.


  • Peter Danziger


  • Jacqui Gingras
  • Housne Begum

TFA Bylaw 11.A.5

Chairs and Directors Council (CDC)

The Chairs’ and Directors’ Council of the TFA may recommend policy initiatives to the Executive which may, at its discretion, submit such recommendations to the membership. The Executive Committee may refer any matter to the Chairs’ and Directors’ Council for their recommendation.

Chair – Ex-Officio

  • Vice-President Internal: Peter Danizger

Members – Ex-officio

All Chairs of Departments and Directors of Schools are members of CDC.

Services Committee

The Services Committee organizes and coordinates the social activities of the Association and assists with the planning of other events.


  • Wayne Forsythe
  • Gerda Cammaer
  • Evan Cleave
  • Martin Greig
  • Bryan Koivisto

TFA Bylaw 12.6.E

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee co-ordinates all elections and byelections of Standing Committees, as well as such other elections as may be assigned by the Executive.


Peter Danziger



TFA Bylaw 14.2

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee responsible for the supervision and regular evaluation of all employees of the Association. It may make such other employee related recommendations to the Executive Committee as it deems appropriate.


  • President: Jesmen Mendoza
  • Secretary: Jacqui Gingras

Annual appointment by the Executive

  • Susan Silver

TFA Bylaw 10.4.i

Grievance Appeals Committee

The Grievance Appeals Committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee established on a case-by-case basis to consider the appeal of a Member who does not agree with a recommendation of the Grievance Committee.

The Grievance Appeals sub-committee consists of all members of the Executive Committee who did not take part in the decision being appealed and who are not in any conflict of interest with respect to the individual case.

The decision of the Grievance Appeals sub-committee represents the final position of the Association.

TFA Bylaw 10.4.h

Ad Hoc Committees

In addition to the committees established by the TFA Bylaw, the Executive Committee, the Representatives’ Council, and/or the membership may strike such special committees as are considered appropriate for the needs and purposes of the Association.

Current Committees

TFA Bylaw 13