Who We Are

The Toronto Metropolitan Faculty Association was founded in 1964 and certified in 1969 and is the certified bargaining agent and union representing full-time faculty, professional librarians and counsellors of Toronto Metropolitan University.

What We Do

Collective Bargaining and Grievances

The TFA represents, protects and advances the interests of its members in their employment at Toronto Metropolitan University.  We negotiate a Collective Agreement with the Administration that governs the terms and conditions of our members’ work.  We also  enforce the terms of this Collective Agreement through the Grievance process.

Representation and Advocacy

We appoint representatives to several University committees and other bodies; we have official Observer status on the Board of Governors, a seat on Senate, and we meet regularly with the President, the Provost and VP Academic, the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs and other senior officers of the University in order to discuss and to attempt to resolve problems that affect both individuals members and the collective.

Post-Secondary Education

We are committed to advancing the cause of post-secondary education in Canada.  We work with other groups both within and outside of Toronto Metropolitan University around areas of common concern in order to best advance the interests and welfare of our members and to promote an effective environment for teaching, learning, and scholarly, research and creative activity.