Executive Director

Andre Foucault

André Foucault is our Executive Director for Labour Relations. André has been with the Association in this capacity since 2006. He supports the activities of the Association’s Executive and its Officers in all aspect of their work, be it occupational health and safety, collective bargaining, training or with the handling of grievances. André also provides advice to newly hired faculty members when it comes to the negotiation of the terms and conditions of employment to be contained in their letters of appointment.

He is the point person for TFA members who need to consult with their Association on a wide range of issues such as tenure and promotion matters, sabbatical questions, disciplinary issues, workplace accommodation, medical leaves, safety and health, academic freedom, general compensation such as salary and benefits as well as the general application of the collective agreement. He also supports the TFA Officers in dealing with workload and intellectual property issues.

Pre-tenured faculty are urged to contact André for any support they might need from him and the TFA Grievance Officer in responding to Annual Assessments, Intermediate Tenure Reviews, Normal and Final Tenure Reviews. They are also encouraged to reserve some time in their first year to meet with André to chat about the tenure process and its many facets.

Members should feel confident that all consultations with the TFA are treated as confidential and the Association and its staff will take no action on your behalf without your explicit approval.

André can be reached at the TFA Office, by email afoucault@torontomu.ca or by calling his cell phone # 416-305-9640. You can also drop by the TFA Office at KHS 46 for a coffee or for a visit to Balzac.

Labour Relations Officer

Mina Rajabi Paak joined the Toronto Metropolitan Faculty Association as a Labour Relations Officer in 2023. Mina provides support to members on procedures provided for in Collective Agreement and assists them with workplace issues. She also conducts research to support negotiations, policy and other areas of the TFA work. Mina can be reached at mina.rajabi@torontomu.ca

Labour Relations Officer

Shiraz Vally is our Labour Relations Officer. Shiraz assists members with workplace issues and helps protect their rights in the workplace.

Shiraz can be reached at shiraz.vally@torontomu.ca.

Office Manager

Stacy Stanley is the TFA Office Manager.  She can be contacted by email at tfa@torontomu.ca or at ext. 554529 for general inquiries.

Membership Engagement and Communications Officer

David Bush is the Membership Engagement and Communications Officer. He can be reached at dave.bush@torontomu.ca