On October 6, 2020 the RFA Executive passed the following motion, and conveyed it to the office of the Vice Provost Faculty Affairs, and the co-chairs of Ryerson’s Joint Health and Safety Committee on the same day. To date (April 2021), the RFA request has not been met.

Be it resolved that the Executive of the RFA  expects of  the Administration and the Ryerson Joint Health and Safety Committee that all faculty and staff will be informed of any positive Covid test of any community member who has been on campus within 14 days of the test, and in the case of an employee, the building and floor on which that faculty member is employed.

In addition, on a daily basis, faculty and staff should be informed of any such positive tests within the prior 14 day period.

The RFA Executive strongly recommends that the Administration share this information with the student community as well.

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