Fostering Collegial and Satisfying Relationships in Academia

When: Tuesday, November 28th from 12-2
Where: International Living and Learning Centre’s Paris/London room
Facilitator: Dr. Jesmen Menoza

Dr. Jesmen Menoza is a clinical psychologist, the Centre for Student Development and Counseling, and Vice Chair of the RFA Grievance Committee.

Workshop description: Collegiality is a cornerstone of intellectual discourse and governance in academia. Fostering authentic, reciprocal, supportive and influential qualities in collegial relationships can not only benefit in better working environments, but in a greater sense of engagement and deep connection to your academic community. This workshop will explore the elements of satisfying collegial relationships, how to promote their development and how to navigate the differences, tensions and conflicts that naturally arise in academic settings.

Lunch will be provided.

Hosted by The RFA’s Professional Affairs Committee

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